Princpal's Message

I feel elated in extending a worm welcome to all the youthful and vibrant aspirants into the NSPS Lalganj family. It is absolutely necessary to develop and articulate the various types of growth and aptitudes inherent in the students. This important work is possible only through classroom teaching, sports, Co-curricular activities, original thinking and writing. School environment and teacher’s society play an important role in inculcating human qualities and sensitivities in the youth. Today India needs such a school where along with intellectual development in the students, knowledge of virtues like selfless patriotism, self-reliance and self-belief can be imparted. Our goal is to develop such a national education system, through which young generation can be created who are loyal to the truth, turning rich in Physical, mental, vital and spiritual terms. Who can successfully face the present changes of life and can make the national life free from social evils, exploitation and injustice and make it harmonious and cultured. As such important and integral members of the community, let us all pledge to give our best, with steadfast faith, loyalty and commitment. Each one of us individually is only a single person, but one person can make a world of difference to someone else. This is how when we are with one another it profoundly affects our own lives and the lives of people who come along. Go from strength to strength and march forward NSPS Lalganj. Grow strong and walk onward and onward!

Best Wishes and thank you!

Shivang Awasthi
NSPS Lalganj, Raebareli